Hair Genesis™ Is Paying For Print Advertising On A Per Sale Basis Via Per Inquiry Print Advertising Program By Mediabids

Hair Genesis™ announced today that it will be paying for its print advertising in newspapers and magazines nationwide based on a percentage of sales the print ads generate in each publication, courtesy of MediaBids’ Per-Inquiry (PI) Advertising Program.

MediaBids will provide the Hair Genesis™ ad, which can be seen here: – to newspapers and magazines nationwide that sign up to participate in MediaBids’ PI Print Advertising program. Hair Genesis™ will pay newspapers and magazines 20% of the sale price generated by each customer’s order.

To date, over 1,500 newspapers and magazines nationwide have signed up for MediaBids PI program and have placed other national direct response advertisers including Vonage, DirecTV and Lifelock in their publications. Publications are paid based on either lead or acquisition, depending on the type of PI campaign. Some advertisers pay a fixed amount per call – others pay a fixed amount per sale of their product or customer acquisition. To view a list of current direct-response advertisers available and payout information, click here:

“As a 21st Century hair loss research company we tend to look for creative cutting-edge ideas. So the unique marketing approach offered by MediaBids really appealed to that side of us,” says Dr. Geno Marcovici, founder and president of HairGenesis™

To place a Hair Genesis™ ad in your publication or to learn more, please visit:

About Hair Genesis™
HairGenesis™ constitutes the first and, so far, only non-drug botanically-based hair loss treatment system successfully proven in a peer-reviewed and published IRB-monitored placebo-controlled clinical trial. Unlike Rogaine™ and Propecia™, each of which comes with the potential for serious negative side effect, HairGenesis™ has been tested safe and effective under the most scientifically rigorous conditions possible. Appropriate for the treatment of both male and female pattern hair loss, HairGenesis™ offers a compelling treatment option for men and women concerned about hair loss

Toll-Free: 888-386-0001

About, the Newspaper and Magazine Advertising Marketplace, offers a patented online process that enables the buying and selling or print advertising space in U.S. newspapers and magazines. Advertisers and publications can interact through an advertiser auction, in which advertisers place print advertising dollars up for bid and publications compete, or through advertising offers in which publications place ad space up for sale and advertisers can purchase instantly. Additionally, is offering a select group of direct-response advertisers a Per-Inquiry Print Advertising Program that enables advertisers to pay for print advertising based on the performance of their advertisements in participating publications. MediaBids also provides traditional print media planning and buying to all registered advertisers. To date, over 12,000 businesses have registered on to purchase advertising space, over 5,000 newspapers and magazines have registered their print publications to sell ad space and over 1,500 publications participate in MediaBids Per-Inquiry Advertising Program.

MediaBids’ Per-Inquiry Program:
Toll Free: 1-866-236-2259

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Designacap.Com Is An Innovative New Website That Specializes In Custom-Designed Headwear

The world’s first fully-customisable online cap design studio,, became a reality yesterday and is the latest player in the hugely competitive custom promotional merchandise market.

Specialising in custom-designed headwear, the Australian-based new-comer has already caused a stir with arguably the most innovative online presence in its category. More than a simple online design application, immerses users within the design experience, facilitating complete user interaction throughout the entire process.

The site allows users to select from a range of exclusive design templates and guides them though each step of the process. Visitors will notice that in addition to being able to adjust the color and text of the cap, they can now also customize stitch coloring and even upload their own images to be embroidered.

“We wanted to put this level of customisation within the reach of our customers without the need for them to contact suppliers directly”, said the company’s Managing Director, Gregg Warren. “We’ve achieved an interface that essentially replaces those annoying sales reps”.

Catering to the needs of general consumer groups, as well as larger businesses, sporting organisations, and multi-national corporations, the company differentiates itself from its more specialised competitors. “We definitely wanted to cater to widest audience possible”, added Warren, “And with a minimum order of 100 caps, we can easily do so”.

The company’s faster-than-average production and international delivery turnaround has also been a hot topic in industry circles. “We can have caps produced within 14 working days of receiving an order – turnaround of this speed is virtually unheard of in this industry”, asserted Warren., which was founded in 2006 as a ‘side project’ to Warren’s other Australian-based clothing supplier, Queensland T-Shirts, now services clients in countries across the globe.

For further information and direct quotes please contact Gregg Warren on 0419 725 683 or

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